Egypt: ‘the bottom line is they don’t like Jews’

The latest manifestation of Egyptian antisemitism is their refusal to sell Israel palm fronds for the Succot holiday

Hard on the heels of the incident involving a BBC reporter almost beaten up in Cairo for ‘being a Jew’ this illuminating exchange between amie and Abu Faris comes from the comments on Harry’s Place blog. Abu Faris is an Englishman married to a Sudanese and now living in Cairo. Although initially enthused by the ‘Arab Spring’ he is now thoroughly disillusioned (with thanks: Avril):

16 September 2011, 10:47 am
OT: Here is another Elder of Ziyon report which I think Abu Faris in particular might appreciate:
Israeli youth have responded via Facebook to the mob that attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo – by calling for a demonstration of love and peace tomorrow outside the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv.

Abu Faris
16 September 2011, 1:43 pm
Shamefully, I have to say that if any Egyptians could be found to run a similar event in Cairo outside Israel’s embassy they run the risk of being beaten or killed by army and Islamist thugs alike.

16 September 2011, 3:58 pm
Abu Farish
What happened to the decent Egyptians like you? where are they hiding?read this transcript from OUr own correspondent

Abu Faris

16 September 2011, 4:46 pm
I would like to say we were all hiding around my apartment, under chairs, behind the curtains, or putting lampshades on our heads and standing up very straight. Unfortunately, this is not so. The streets now effectively belong to a coalition of radical Nasserist nationalists and the Muslim Brothers (mainly the latter). All drawn together in a veritable carnival of reaction aimed at Israel and more broadly Jews (unlike in the West, people are not unforthcoming about making a connection between their anti-Zionism and their anti-Semitism.

They don’t like Israel because they don’t like Jews. That is the bottom line. The wrongs that Israel purportedly does enrage them; but do not surprise them: as they think this is the way Jews essentially are and Israel is reflective, for them, of the “Jewish problem”.


  • You're very nice. But you only say that 'cause you can't hear me…

    That's typical Islamic/Arab behaviour. Nothing wrong can come from them – and if it does, they just have to deny it with all of their strength or blame others. They can't fail or lose. There's no critical thinking or guilt, only an undeserved sense of acomplishment and pride.

    When I met those.. hm.. people, two of Big Pharaoh's posts came to mind:

    Such a shame he seems inebriated by the happenings and decided to go through the easy path, demonizing Israel and repeating cliches.

  • Very interesting! Your English does not seem to need improving – HP.
    Funny how the Egyptian attitude to the persecution of the Copts is the same as their attitude to the Jews.

  • I'm currently trying to learn English, so I joined Livemocha.
    The moment I got in, I was immediately amazed by the number of Egyptians trying learn Hebrew there and how – despite the fact that they swear they're not anti-semitic, just "anti-zionists" – they repeat Qur'anic teachings such as "Jews are apes and pigs", "they cannot be trusted" and "they betrayed to the prophet" as if they were a valid and reasonable critics against the State of Israel and Israeli behaviour.

    It is really common to see Nazi claims or even praises to Nasser for what he did to the Egyptian Jews (while they attack Israel, Judaism and every single Jew for the "rape of Palestine" and the "Nazi-way" Palestinians are treated by Israelis…).

    Another curious thing is that I could not find a single Egyptian willing to admit that Copts are persecuted/ not treated as equals. Some deny the attacks against Copts while others say they were commited by "enemies trying to destabilize Egypt" by "creating a feud between Muslims and Copts". Most of them refuse to say who is responsible for it. A few blame the favorite Islamic scapegoat.


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