Last Jew in Penang, Malaysia, dies

Penang Jewish cemetery

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The last Jew in the Malaysian town of Penang has died, just short of his 90th birthday. Mordecai David Mordecai, known affectionately as Uncle Mordy, was buried in Penang Jewish cemetery alongside his parents.

Fifty friends and neighbours attended the burial, among them a handful of Jews. With his passing, the only Jew to hold a Malaysian passport is Mordecai’s niece Tefa Ephraim, who now lives in Sydney, Australia.

Mordecai was the son of David and Mozelle Mordecai, who came from Baghdad to Penang in 1895. David Mordecai was active in the tin and rubber industries under British rule and a colonial turf racing enthusiast in Penang and Singapore.

Mordecai spent his career in hotel management in Penang.

Malaysian newspaper accuses Jews of meddling in state affairs (Haaretz)


    • Duh. The article said Mr. Mordechai was the only Jew to hold a Malaysian passport. His friends who attended his funeral were mostly foreign Jews, not Malaysians.

  • In 1960's, there were quarters made and living by Jews, is it any Muslim lives along that street (Jalan Jahudi) at that time?


  • I remember when I was growing up in Penang a Mr. Mordecai who used to be Manager of E & O Hotel.

    an ex Penangite

  • My father had the same name and was born in Penang in 1919, it would be good to find out if they were related

  • The bullying & intimidation that Muslims execute on others had always been underreported…..yet the affects can be truly seen in the slow but sure emigration of non Muslim population from Muslim majority areas…see Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Lebanon and south Thailand…nobody reports on that…but when the reverse happens….the whole knows about it…they seems to be a conspiracy of silence……abetted and aided by those greedy for Arab oil and money….

  • Im a Penangite and im saddened by the demise of this fellow Jewish Brother.May his soul rest in peace.I never really knew he was around in the first place.Any whereabouts where he was staying?


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