Israel-Kurd magazine defies Iranian closure threat

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Dawoud Baghestani with the first issue of the Israel-Kurd magazine

The Israel-Kurd magazine is defying an Iranian move to persuade the Kurdish regional government to close it down.

The magazine’s publisher and head of the Israel-Kurd Institute, Dawoud Baghestani, affirmed that he would continue producing the magazine.

According to ‘confidential’ information, which several media disclosed, the Iranian government asked the Kurdish regional government to suspend and close down the magazine, described as a threat to Iranian-Kurdish relations.

In an official statement, Baghestani says that the magazine (founded in 2008) has a legal permit to publish from the Kurdish government and would continue to operate within the law.

The magazine was trying to bring together Kurds and Israel, ‘their oldest friends in history, in order to save Kurds from surrounding threats’.

Several bombings in Kurdistan are thought to have been instigated by the Iranian army. “This is another subject between Iran and Kurdistan…we know what the main cause of this problem is”, the statement says, tongue-in-cheek.

Israel-Kurd magazine ‘a cultural bridge’

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