Still traumatised by the Farhud, 70 years on

Author and lecturer Tova Murad Sadka has written this poem on the 70th anniversary of the 1941 pro-Nazi pogrom in Iraq, to be commemorated next week in California.

The Farhood by Tova Murad Sadka
Seventy years already?
Seventy years since that night of horrors
The deafening screams
The howls toward the sky
Old young and babes in the carnage
The demise of faith
The death of innocence

Unprovoked assault
Cowardly and deadly
Find no excuses
Allow no justifications
Add no insult to injury
No fox and lamb story

We move to the present
Survivors that we are
We learn from the past
Prepare for the future
God’s mercy on us

God’s mercy on all humanity
Whoever and wherever

Picture: ‘A month of fear’ by Nissim Zalayet

Tova Sadka was born in Iraq, immigrated to Israel then to the United States. She is a graduate of Journalism from the Hebrew University, and of English Writing, Queens College New York. She has published two historical novels about Jews in Iraq and, last year, a collection of short stories, ‘Farewell to Dejla’ (Academy Chicago Publishers), well reviewed in the Jewish press.

Farhud Commemoration 70 Years Later: Conversation and Readings with survivors Daniel Khazzoom and Aaron Matityahu on Tuesday 28 June. Congregation Anshey Sfard, 1500 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA, 7 pm. [email protected]

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