Jews in Egypt: the way we were

As religious leaders unite to demand an Islamic state in Egypt, it is hard to believe that the beach at Alexandria once resembled Club Med.

Not a hijab to be seen in this collection of Eli Moreno’s private snaps, now featuring as a photo essay at Foreign Policy.

Just to remind you that a thriving community of 80,000 Jews have been reduced to some 15 to 20 fearful elderly folk, and that the handsome young people strolling on the Alexandria Corniche without a care in the world have now been scattered to the four corners of the world, where they have had to rebuild their lives.

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  • This is making me unbelievably depressed. Coming from a 20 year old from modern Egypt. I wish we could back to what we were.

  • An extremely beautiful seaside resort, where today you can see women swimming with their burquas on!!!
    Just for laughs: we used to have 'the decency police" who went round to check that all the bathing suits were latched correctly at the bra and for men, the belts on the trunks well attached. However, when at sea, you'd suddenly find your bottom pinched by a sex crazy swimmer who swam off at an extraordinary rate.
    That my friends was zaman (long ago)
    Sultana Latifa author of The Jasmine Necklace"


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