Yemeni Jew’s killer bribes guards to escape jail

Jews in Yemen

The family of the murder victim Moshe Nahari, who swore they would not leave Yemen until they had seen justice done in his name, have just suffered a further setback: Nahari’s killer has escaped jail, according to this Chinese agency report in Ynet News (with thanks: Gili):

Abdul-Aziz al-Abdi, a Yemeni citizen convicted of murdering a Jewish man more than two years ago, has escaped from the prison to which he was confined, the Chinese Xinhua news agency reported Friday.

The report says Moshe Yaish-Nahari’s killer succeeded in bribing prison guards and escaping with ten additional prisoners.

A local security source said several of the escaped prisoners have since been caught, but that al-Adbi remains at large. The 40-year old man was sentenced to death last summer after his conviction.

Al-Abdi killed Yaish-Nahari on December 11 2009, in the city of Raida in Omran, north of the capital Sana’a. Nahari was a brother of one of the Yemeni Jewish community’s top rabbis.

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