Over 100 Jews have moved to Israel from Turkey

One hundred and one Turkish Jews moved to Israel last year, as the 20,000-strong Turkish Jewish community continues to shrink. This article in Hurriyet blames economic causes and an ageing population – in fact anything but the antisemitism of the country’s increasingly Islamist government:

Migration to Israel and a death rate twice that of new births are causing a decrease in the size of the Jewish community in Turkey, according to its representatives.

Economic considerations are the main driver behind migration and are also a factor in the decision by many students studying abroad not to return to Turkey after completing their education, representatives of the 20,000-strong Jewish community have said.

Mortality is also a major factory in the community’s dwindling population. A total of 129 Jews in Turkey died between September and April while 60 were born during the same period.

According to the “Ones from Turkey,” a group founded by Jewish migrants from Turkey to Israel, 101 people moved permanently from Turkey to Israel in 2010, part of a slow but continuing shift that has seen eight more people relocate in the first two months of 2011.

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  • I watched a very scary reporting of the role of Turkey in the Armenian genocide (WW1).More than a million Armenians were murdered in a terrible sadistic manner
    In a way it was a rehearsal for the genocide that followed in WW2, the same patern was repeated on a bigger scale.I am relieved those Jewish Turks left.
    Rabena Yestor.
    Shabat shalom.
    i will not be going to Turkley whatever the agencies offer.
    Suzy Vidal a former Jewish refugee from Egypt


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