Moroccan Jews recognised as Holocaust survivors

For the first time since the end of the Second World War nearly 70 years ago, thousands of Moroccan Jews will be recognized as Holocaust survivors and receive compensation from the German government.It should be stated that Jews not only suffered under the Vichy ‘statut des juifs’, but North African Jews living in France were deported to the death camps. Ynet News reports (with thanks: Michelle):

According to the agreement drafted over the last few days between the Claims Conference and the German government they will each receive NIS 13,000 ($3,800) in compensation.

Romanian and Bulgarian Jews who were held during the war will be included to receive the same compensation received by concentration camp survivors.

The Claims Conference estimated that 7,000 new compensation requests will be submitted, half from Bulgarian and Romanian Jews and a third from Jews from North African countries, mainly Morocco. Those eligible for the compensation are Jews whose freedom of movement was restricted in some way by the Nazis and their allies. Freedom of movement includes entrance to parks, movie theaters, and use of public transportation among others. At the time World War II broke out, 260,000 Jews were living in Morocco. While Jews from Tunisia, Algeria and Libya were recognized over the passing years as Holocaust survivors and received compensation, Moroccan Jews were never recognized as survivors. So far, only a small number of Moroccan Jews who made aliyah to Israel before 1953 have succeeded in achieving recognition as Holocaust survivors and receiving compensation accordingly.

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  • Every time the subject of NAfrican Jews was raised in the context of Nazi atrocities, Yosef Lapid (HFBUH) used to get to every microphone he could grab and lament that ""Now 'They' want to jump on the Holocaust bandwagon."

  • Moshe Sharon is absolutely right of course, no money can give back any loved ones and not talking of their suffering.
    But why wait such a long time to give compensations? it's like the story "and then there were none" , if they wait more, they will not need to give compensation!!!
    Suzy Vidal

  • Any Jew who suffered at the hands of Nazis deserves more than any government could pay.


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