Egyptian Jewess’s exodus is turned into a drama

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Carolina Delburgo’s book Come Ladri nella Notte has been translated into English. A French edition will be out soon.

The story of Carolina Delburgo, a Jewess expelled with her family from Egypt in 1956, has been turned into a play and staged in the Italian town of Ferrara. The play was performed on 7 April 2011 and directed by Rosanna Ansani, with music by Giorgio Zappaterra and lighting by Stefano Ruviero.

When the last survivor of this brutal expulsion is no more, the play will be valued as a record of the Egyptian exodus for generations to come. The story is based on Carolina Delburgo’s book, Come Ladri nella notte (‘Like Thieves in the Night’), published in 2008.

In her book Carolina recorded her childhood memories of fleeing Egypt on board the ship Achylleus, along with hundreds of other Jews. The Egyptian leader Nasser had ordered the expulsion of Jews and the sequestration of their property following the Suez campaign.

What makes this exodus particularly disturbing is that Carolina and all the other Jews fleeing with her family held Italian nationality. Italy did not take part in the Suez campaign.

The Jews arrived at Brindisi and were taken to the Bocca di Puglia camp.A memorialto their exodus was unveiled on the site in 2006.

On the morning of the play’s performance, Carolina Delburgo gave a presentation to students of the Liceo Classico L Ariosto in Ferrara.

Read press report in full (Italian)

Message from Carolina Delburgo:

A big thank to everyone who read and left a comment on this post; I presented my book in Paris, here is a link for anyone interested:

If you have any question or for further information feel free to contact me and I’ll be very happy to answer to you.
This is my email: [email protected]. To buy my book you can follow this link:

Carolina Delburgo


  • Hi Carolina,
    I bought your book through the internet,and it is very interesting.I, my husband and baby(3 months old) were refugees from Egypt in 1957.We left everything in Egypt. and even our new Citroen in the street.
    We are now living in Sydney, Australia and are very happy here.
    We visit Israel and France regularly, as most of our family(all ex refugees who have also lost all their posessions) live now.
    Kindest regards,
    Nancy from Sydney

  • Dear Carolina,

    Thank you for bringing this up. Looking forward of getting the book.

    My family left Egypt in 1949 when I was 6 month old and took them 3 month
    to reach Israel in Sep. 1949 Via Italy. They were pushed out and all there business and property was taken by the Egyptions. NEVER MINE, We ended up in ERETZ HAKODESH.

    Daniel Delbourgo
    Hong Kong

  • It is so heartwarming to see that at long last we are standing up to be counted … so many tragedies .. so many heartbreaks .. so much sadness .. yet our plight remained unrecognised by the world at large and all we hear is the fate of the poor refugees who were asked to leave the country of their birth by the war mongring Arab occupiers of most of Israel or of Palestine as it was known then and not by the budding new Jewish State. Proof is that those who stayed were rewarded with Israeli Passports and are even in the Knesset .. I do not see or hear of a Jewish person holding office in an Muslim State or having any rights.. well done to all htose who are speaking up for our past and the parents we lost.. I do not seek compensation but recognistion for all the suffering I had to go through. Well Carorila I admire you.
    Sarina Ninette [Eskinazi] Levy
    Jewish Refugee from Egypt 1956

  • heartfelt and alf mabrouk to Carolina Belbourgo.
    Let us inform the world of what happened to us.
    I am not seeking damages, only a word of regret from the Egyptians. But I know it will never come.
    Sultana Latifa
    Jewish refugee from Egypt


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