Moroccan king snubs President Peres

‘The ongoing political situation with the Palestinians’: that’s the reason why the Moroccan king has refused to meet the Israeli head of state, Shimon Peres. Never mind the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara, nor the dispossession of Moroccan Jews. It’s Double Standard time again where Israel is concerned.

From Channel NewsAsia:

JERUSALEM: Israeli President Shimon Peres has cancelled a trip to Morocco after his requests to meet King Mohammed VI were spurned, an Israeli official said on Monday.

The Israeli leader was to have attended a gathering of global figures at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa in Marrakech from October 26 to 28, the official from Peres’s office said.

“President Peres decided to turn down the invitation from the Forum after being informed that King Mohammed VI would not meet with him at this time over the ongoing political situation with the Palestinians,” she said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“The king let the president know that he is welcome to visit Morocco to participate in the Forum but that he would prefer to meet under other circumstances,” she added.

Peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, aimed at reaching an agreement within a year, broke down in late September after temporary Israeli restrictions on Jewish settlement construction in the occupied West Bank expired.

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*This plaintive lament from Arnold in Canada on the Haaretz thread (scroll down) is universally ignored by commenters: With few exceptions they see Morocco as in the right.

“Give me back my home, my businesses, and my money. Moroccan Jews were escorted out of the country with empty suitcases. All the wealth was stripped from them. King of Morocco my eye. Drek is what he is.”


  • As our woman on the ground in Sderot, your take is very interesting, Sylvia. Peres is such a politician, isn't he? But my point about Moroccan hypocrisy still stands.
    I wonder if Mizrahim are coming in for stick from leftists because they are daring to assert their rights? So inconvenient when Jews claim to have rights too.

  • It's for the best. Obviously, it was more important for Peres to meet royalty and interfere in politics than to participate in an Economic Forum that could benefit Israel. This is my reading of it.

    Beside, he has a history of running his mouth lately and "telling off" heads of state.

    The President of a-l-l Israelis hasn't come to visit Sderot which has a sizable Jewish Moroccan population ever since he became President (except for a rush visit to his friend one important builder here one mimouna holiday. He is afraid of the reception he'll get here and for good reason.
    As deputy in the former government Peres has mocked the frightened population here as their children were dying at the height of a particularly harsh escalation of Qassam rocket pounding on the town. No one here is about to forget his widely reported saying ridiculing the population and minimizing the threat: "Qassam shmassam". Then as President he was the one who had to explain to Erdogan that "Qassam do kill."

    No one will forget his wiggling his finger at the residents on TV urging them to shut up "you want to help the enemy??!!" for daring to protest government inertia after years of blitz.

    This is the same Peres who in the 1977 election asked the crowd: "You want Mizrahim??!!" This is the same Peres who mentored a Sephardi Labor for years but when they won the elections he angrily left the party and joined Kadima. He meant for them to be mere fingers, not leaders.

    Lately racism against Jews from the Middle East and North Africa is becoming more assertive and is raising its ugly head again in Israeli newspapers and among leftists or faux leftist intellectuals. We are being assailed from all sides. Now that Israel is less popular in the world, the "privileged" are looking around for someone else to blame.
    Let us at least remain rational.
    The bottom line: Shimon Parsky/Peres is less harmful when he stays home.


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