Leftists blind to Jewish rights, connive in deceit

Why does the Left have a blindspot when it comes to justice for Jewish refugees from Arab Countries? You would have thought they would speak up for the rights of the victims of aggression, the displaced and dispossessed, but no – they swallow lies about the Jews and Israel, and connive in a veil of deception, Victor Sharpe argues in the American Thinker.

If the radical Left and progressives (today’s communists by another name) are so concerned about “justice and peace” — words which have now become terminally tarnished by their utterances in the mouths of so many hypocrites and charlatans — they should be challenged about how their persistent and obsessive attacks on Israel wound terribly the Jewish survivors of Palestinian Arab terror, or the Jewish refugees from the Arab and Muslim world. Or is Jewish blood of no consequence to the radical Left?

If the Left, radical and otherwise, is for justice, why then do its members ignore the Jews who were persecuted, uprooted, and forced from their homes in Araby into exile simply because they were Jews? The question every leftist should be asked is why does the Left not demand justice for these victims instead of obsessively attacking the ancestral and biblical homeland these Jewish refugees now live in?

One wonders if leftists truly understand geographical, historical and political realities in the Middle East and North Africa from which some 800,000 Jews were brutally expelled — a number greater than those Arabs who needlessly followed the commands of their corrupt leaders and left their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israel War. One wonders if leftists know that in 1922, Britain tore away almost 80% of Mandatory Palestine that lay east of the Jordan River and arbitrarily created a new Arab state today called Jordan? Or that, in reality, Jordan is Palestine? Do the leftists and progressives know, or even care, that Jews were immediately and ethnically cleansed from four fifths of Arab occupied areas — parts of the very land they had been promised by the British government in 1917 as a future national Jewish home?(…)

Perhaps the narrative will finally change within Western campuses. The pendulum will swing back. Perhaps the students, the potential leaders of the future, will come to understand that Israeli Jews try to survive on a tiny sliver of land between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan — a mere forty-plus miles at its widest — and all that is left to them from the original Palestine Mandate.

And even the very ancestral and biblical Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank) is required by the world to be torn away from that narrow strip and given to the Arabs to create yet another Arab state. But such a mini-state will be composed of hate-filled Muslim-Arabs who have undergone decades of anti-Jewish indoctrination and who desire one thing only: the violent destruction of what is left of Israel. This is no peace process. This is future genocide.

Perhaps the Western students will come to realize that despite the torrent of Arab-Muslim lies against Israel, the Left’s eager embrace of such lies aided and abetted by the willing connivance of so many extreme leftist tenured professors, Israel’s Muslim neighbors will never accept a non-Muslim state on land upon which the Muslim foot once trod triumphal — even though the Jewish inhabitants preceded Islam by millennia. Perhaps, perhaps, they may even come to realize, before it is too late, that their own Western societies are threatened by Islamic triumphalism and the covert introduction of Islamic sharia law. Or will they and the Left continue to exist under a horrifying veil of deception?

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Why do Leftists and Arabs ignore Mizrahi rights?


  • 14 August 2010, 9:45 pm Israel time.

    I went on Julia's site to request that she respond to my rebuttal of her comments here [2nd comment from top]. As of now, she has not responded nor did she allow my comment to be posted on her own blog.
    That may indicate that she feels that her own arguments are to weak to stand the fresh air.

  • Julia, to start with your second paragraph. Jews are an ethnic group, not just a religion. The writings about Jews in ancient times recognized the Jews as a nation.

    Now, going by the logic of your 2nd paragraph, the Western govts and supra-governmental bodies like the EU are guilty of collaborating in the Arab crimes against Israel. The EU, UK, USA and Japan, not to mention super-rich Arab oil states, all contribute funds to Fatah and the Palestinian Authority and/or the Hamas mini-caliphate in Gaza. British and other Western govts train soldiers for the Palestinian Authority. Since money is fungible, as I'm sure you agree, some or much of those Western funds going to PA, Fatah & Hamas also go to help them in their military preparations for warring on us, killing and murdering us, etc. So, by your logic, you are guilty as an accomplice in EU, UK, etc, funding of the PA, Fatah, & Hamas. Therefore you are guilty of murders of Jews, of rockets coming down on our cities [like Sderot & Ashqelon], of the Hamas refusal to allow red cross [ICRC] access to the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, held incomunicado by Hamas in Gaza for four years [international law requires red cross access to prisoners], plus Hamas and PA refusal or failure to properly treat their sewage which Hamas lets flow into the sea from Gaza, and is often carried northward by sea currents to Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Netanyah, etc. The PA lets sewage flow in creek beds towards Israeli towns and farming communities, etc.

    In your first paragraph, you seem unaware that although anarchists oppose nationalism and nation-states in principle, in practice today's ignorant, psychologically manipulated anarchists side with Arab nationalism against the Jews, overlooking more than 1000 years of Arab-Muslim oppression of Jews. Other socialists and "leftists" do not necessarily oppose nationalism even in principle. However, Arab nationalism today is a very virulent movement, chauvinistic, aggressive, genocidal, oppressive to Kurds in Iraq and Syria, to Blacks in southern Sudan, and to Jews in Israel. The Hamas charter is clearly genocidal and Judeophobic. You should read it all, especially Article 7 that calls for the mass murder of Jews at Judgment Day. Do you believe in that, Julia?? Are you guilty of collaborating in genocide against the Jews?

  • Leftists (anarchists, marxists, socialists, and "liberals") are not on the side of "Islamofascist" hate. We are on the side of social justice. Nationalism and love of the State is one of the biggest obstacles to social justice. You can believe the Jews have the right to live in the land you call Israel without taking up nationalist beliefs. NO ONE should be a nationalist. Just think. For most of human existence there were no nation-states or countries. Human beings lived in communal societies – not states – for centuries and were just fine. It was only after private property started coming into existence that states/countries needed to be developed, so you can't treat nationalism or love of a state as some kind of law of nature.

    Furthermore, the reason us leftists single out" Israel has little to do with religion. Since most of us live in countries that supply Israel with weapons and military aid, Israeli crimes against Palestinians are crimes of our governments as well, and as such we share in the responsibility for those crimes and can do a lot to prevent them.

  • "The question every leftist should be asked is why does the Left not demand justice for these victims instead of obsessively attacking the ancestral and biblical homeland these Jewish refugees now live in?"

    That question contains it's own answer:

    "…Biblical homeland…"

    The Leftist/Islamist alliance hates Israel because even the name Israel is a constant reminder to the world of the reality of the God of Israel.

    A reality that a majority of the world's population will not acknowledge.

    The majority of the world's population is either communist, socialist, marxist, or Islamist.

    They not only do not embrace the Judeo/Christian beliefs and values of the majority of people in Israel and the U.S.,-

    they are working as hard as they can to destroy these beliefs and values.

    And the manchurian Obama regime is their champion.


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