Dhimmi Jews condemn Israel’s flotilla actions

‘Peace’ activist on board the Freedom Flotilla

In time-honoured fashion, the good dhimmi Jews of Yemen and Iran – in the wake of the deaths of nine activists on board the Mavi Marmara are being forced to buy their own security with words condemning Israel. Will Turkey’s Jews be next? In the past, Jews have felt under pressure to back Turkey’s policy on the Armenian genocide. So far, Prime Minister Erdogan has echoed efforts to protect Turkish Jews from the wrath of the mob. But his rabble-rousing pro-Islamism has already created so much insecurity that 600 Jews were ready to pack their bags for Israel before the incident took place.

According to the Yemen Times :

AMRAN, June 01 (Saba)- The Yemeni Jews condemned on Tuesday the Zionist attack on Freedom Flotilla which claimed the lives of a number of peace activists, injuring and arresting others.

During a meeting of the Yemeni Jews Rabbi Yahya Ya’ish with deputy governor of Amran Yahya Ghawbar, he said that the Yemeni Jews censure any attack or killing against the innocents, considering the Zionist attack on the people on board the flotilla for a humanitarian task as beast acts denied by all divine religions and laws.

According to Zawya:

Iran Jews ‘want Zionist criminals punished’ for Gaza raid

TEHRAN, Jun 01, 2010 (AFP) – Iranian Jews demanded on Tuesday that those responsible for Israel’s raid on a Gaza aid flotilla be punished and that such attacks be prevented in future.

“Tehran’s Jewish community condemns the inhuman act by Zionists of attacking a non-military flotilla,” Tehran Jewish Community, which represents the minority in the Islamic republic, said in a statement.

“On behalf of Iran’s Jewish community, we firmly demand serious international action to punish the criminals and measures to prevent such catastrophes.”

On Monday, Israeli commandos raided a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza and in ensuing clashes nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed, according to the Israeli army.

Shiite Iran is home to around 20,000 Jews and its 290-member parliament has one Jewish lawmaker.

The attack on the flotilla has triggered a fresh wave of tirades from Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad against Israel, the Islamic republic’s arch-foe and which he has repeatedly said is doomed to be “wiped off the map.”

Dhimmi Palestinian Christians join the condemnation (with thanks: Stuart)


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  • That impressive figure with the dagger drawn looks like he just stepped out of a time machine from the 7th century. Science fiction is coming true — in more ways than one.

  • The only reason that Diaspora Jews and Middle Eastern Jews are saying "not in my name" is because world opinion is now so set against Israel and they are concerned for their well being in the countries in which they live. If the USA, most of Europe and other Western nations had come out in full support of Israel they would now be rubbing their hands in glee saying that the flotilla massacre was jusitifed. there is a saying that Jews tend to use frequently ""Is it good for the Jews" and this is what the disingenuous outcry is all about.

    Saying "not in my name" has little to do with altruism on the part of Jewry and more to do with protectionism.

  • Re 'Becoming American' – sounds like a typical Californian hotchpodge. Good luck to them!
    !'m sorry, I don't buy Sami Michael's piece on the girls of immanuel. It is ignorant and politically-driven hyperbole exploiting the 'race' card (Sami Michael is a well-known communist.
    I have already covered the issue here, which is more about different cultural mores than race
    How does Michael explain that 25 Sephardi girls belong to the Ashkenazi stream?

  • Becoming American

    The bride, tall and beautiful, is half white, half African American. The groom, no less attractive than his new wife, is half Russian, half Iranian. His father is half Jewish, half Baha’i. There is a sister who is half Baha’i, half Muslim, one who’s all Jewish and one who’s undecided. There’s a brother who is half Baha’i, half Christian, a niece who thought she was Muslim, discovered she’s in fact Jewish and finally settled on Catholic.


  • If you are in London this pm, please come to our Support Israel rally outside the embassy. High St Ken tube.


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