Iraqi journalist calls for apology to Jews

Iraq needs to apologise for its treatment of its Jews, compensate them for their property losses and protect returning Jewish visitors. So says Khudair Taher, a provocative US-based Iraqi Shi’a writer in Kitabat. Although given to hyperbole (Taher once wrote that the US should deport all Muslims for security reasons, including himself!) – this sort of writing may be proof of a new trend of fearless honesty and critical introspection among Iraqi journalists. Here are extracts (with thanks: Niran):

” Iraqi Jews have been subjected to persecution and assault on their properties and lives by the Iraqi Muslims, and have been accused of sympathising with Israel … While history has shown us that the Jews of Iraq had not fired a single bullet against the Iraqi people when they were living among us, and did not engage in any activity prejudicial to the interests of Iraq, they were active in business and economic, technical and other useful areas to the benefit of the people of Iraq, and the sympathy with Israel was limited to legitimate feelings towards others who share the same religion – it is human nature, it canont be avoidable and they cannot be blamed because of it, especially after the Arabs rejected the partition resolution and the establishment of a state for the Palestinians and coexistence with Israel, and wanted to exterminate the Jews altogether!

Then Taher goes on to the Shiites, Sunnis and the Kurds. The article finishes with the following – important – paragraph:

“After this quick review, the question is: Who betrayed Iraq and plotted against it? Is it the Jews, who had not fired a single bullet against the Iraqis, and were a useful sector of society through their business, technical and other activities, or Shi’ites, Sunnis and Kurds, who were the cause of the destruction of Iraq and its devastation .. Why has nobody demanded the withdrawal of citizenship from the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds as happened with the Jews, despite all their crimes .. Is it because of the Muslim majority?

“Our moral, religious, national and legal duties … Require us to apologise to our people, the Jews of Iraq, and compensation for losses caused to the property, and allow them to visit Iraq and provide them with protection.”

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