Gaza extremists want war on Jews of Yemen

There’s nothing like Jew-hatred to unite terrorist groups. Haaretz reports that a group of Al-Qaeda sympathisers in Gaza has called on their fellow Salafists to wage war on the few beleaguered Jews still living in northern Yemen. (Why? Because they hate Hamas – such is the tortured nature of terrorist politics.) By the way, these are the Jews whom Britain recently said they would take in – or not.

A group of Muslim extremists in the Gaza Strip that is opposed to Hamas has called on Al-Qaida in Yemen to target Jews there in an effort to drive them from their country – part of what the group described as its war against Jews.

According to e-mails sent by a person identifying himself as Ali Hussein, who says he represents A group of Shi’ite guerrillas in northern Yemen opposed to Al-Qaida, a Salafi group based in the Gaza Strip and calling itself the “Abu Amir” group is allegedly calling for attacks on Jewish leaders in northern Yemen. As proof, Hussein sent a scanned hand-written note naming the Jewish targets in Yemen.

In another letter from Yemen, the Salafists detail their extremist views and request that Al-Qaida targets Jews, and also Hamas activists, because “the group has completed the work of the Jews by killing members of our group and we would like to deter Jews around the world through you by asking you to kill Yemenite Jews or do anything that you consider right, especially not allowing the representatives of the Hamas government to move about Yemen.”

Another letter states that an Al-Qaida operative in Yemen, who goes by the name of Abdullah al-Hajj, is funding the activities of the Salafis in the Gaza Strip through Egyptian sources, including the transfer of arms into the Strip for their use.

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  • Things in Gaza seem to go from bad to worse. First Fatah, then Hamas, now the Salafis.

    It starts to become an exercise in choosing the lesser of two (or more) evils.

    By the way, I added your blog to my blogroll at the Israeli Law Forum. Hoping you could return the favor!


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