Is Gaddafi a Jew?

First, President Ahmadinejadwas claimed – if only briefly – to have Jewish roots, now it’s the turn of President Gaddafi of Libya. But while there is little substance to Ahmadinejad’s Jewish origins, Gaddafi may well be Jewish enough to help make up a minyan.

Israeli TV recently interviewed two Israeli women of Libyan origin. To be fair, rumours that Gaddafi has Jewish origins have been around for some time.

Rachel Saada and Guita Brown are related to Muamar Gaddafi. Guita’s grandmother was the sister of Gaddafi’s grandmother. She, a Jewess, had left her husband for a Libyan sheikh. They had a daughter: Gaddafi’s mother. That makes Gaddafi halachically Jewish.

However, as the learned professor wheeled in to give her take on the matter says, it is all hearsay and there is no actual proof. And although the older interviewee claims, ‘Gaddafi never said a word against the Jews,’ a family tie with the old rogue and madman is not exactly something most would be proud of.

Note to those who come to this site seeking to discredit Gaddafi because of his Jewish grandmother: I would remind you that Gaddafi also had three non-Jewish grandparents. It is just as offensive and bigoted to blame them for Gaddafi’s character defects. Gaddafi himself was responsible for the total ethnic cleansing of Libya of its ancient Jewish population, their persecution and dispossession. If he ever invoked his ‘right of return’ to Israel he would be arrested and tried for war crimes.


  • I agree with Anonymous "Salams to all…" comments above.

    There have been individuals and groups throughout the centuries who have used religion to justify their willful ignorance, rampant greed and lust for dominance over others.

    We either want peace on earth or we don't. If we want peace on earth, we have to become peaceful within…get rid of the bullshit thinking we all like to indulge in and pursue Truth in all matters. However, if your hatred of others is more important than attaining peace on earth, well…carry on peops. Just remember: Hatred and violence are pollutants to the earth's environment, too, you know, and Mother Earth is, as we speak, signaling that she's due for a good cleansing.

  • Salams to all,

    Its such a disgrace upon us all that we (ull figure out what i mean by 'we' in a sec') have no manners in our discussions and no depth to our understanding. Im muslim arab, oh and libyan, and apologise to all who have reason to take offense to the claim that Gaddafi's criminality comes from his jewish grandma. This is ill mannered and ofcors without truth. Arab persecutions of the jews is wrong. Jewish persecutions of arabs is wrong. Stealing property, lands, etc is wrong. It is universally wrong regardless. We must stop moving the moral goal posts whenever the subject is 'one of us'.
    Like the first commenter says.. Peace to all humankind.

  • 70 odd bombs send into isreal, a murderd family, a bus bomb and isreal is put still, waiting for a moral and public consent to take any military action. I believe that harsher means should be granted by israel but any ways no on has the right to insult isreal as of committing war crimes because that would be a lie. Fighting a guerilla war on palastinian behalf is simply angst-ridden and unsocial towards their own people

  • Absolute nonsense anonymous, there is plenty of genetic evidence Ashkenazi Jews are genuine Jews and your Khazar theory has long been discredited.

  • Although he did convert as a child to Islam, even if he still was a Jew, he is NOT a Khazar(Ashkenazi) Jew so he probably would believe in Torah but not the Talmud. I hate the word anti-semetic because a majority of Arabs are semetic and most Israelis are not.

  • He is obviously not Jewish according to Islam religious standards but ethnically he can be considered of the Jewish ethnicity because he was born Jewish and i believe he converted to Islam at age 8 or 9.

    And unlike AshkeNazi Jews, Qadafi is a genuine Jew that decended from the original Jews of the Mideast and not a Jew from "Khazaria" which is modern-day area I think in Eastern Poland or Georgia. Khazars practice the dark-majik and other spells banned by a "Real Jew" or Muslim.

  • arabs are not to blame for anything if they are to blame the "find" the jewish roots of who's ever they want to blame – even if they weren't only rumors the Islamic "halacha" gets in the way with the fact that the father is Muslim and the chilled was never raised into Judaism – if it wants to be Jewish it would have to go through the whole process of converting.
    I hope the Libyans would kill themselves to annihilation

  • Well I think you are all really sad, differentiating people on the basis of their lineage. We are all human and we are all descended from the same peope. Relgion doesnt matter, what matters is good or bad people!You are lowering yourselves by discussing these things

  • Gadaffi's history doesn't stem far from Isaeli and jewish policy, bombing civilians and commiting war crimes, although these tactics are not based on ones origin they do follow similar traits to how the jews have treated Palestineans Muslim or Jew the doesn't matter either way you look at it this man is a war criminal and has commited crimesagainst humanity somethng Israel is far too familiar with.

  • Gaddafi is not particularly Muslim. Just a tyrant and terrorist, who has abused his own people, among others.

  • I hate all muslims that want Jews dead. I hate anyone who wants me to die. I guess I am just weird like that. Gaddafi is a jew? Hahah, pretty sure he is Muslim terrorist.

  • No I am not saying this – quite the opposite. I'm saying that you are trying to blame all the evil in Gaddafi's character on his Jewish grandmother. See how absurd and offensive it is when you reverse the process and try to blame his character defects on his Muslim grandparents. So don't do it!

  • So what you're basically saying is that Kaddafi is a madman because three of his grandparents are Muslim?
    This is why people take Kaddafi's Jewish lineage to explain his madness, because (most) Jews hate Muslims, as is evident on your pathetic blog.

  • If you rely on liars like Naeim Giladi then you are the delusional one, my friend
    You are prepared to believe the worst of Gaddafi because of his Jewish grandmother, but I would remind you he had THREE MUSLIM grandparents. There is a good chance that Gaddafi the thug, the terrorist and the madman got his genes from then, but imagine if I stooped to your level of bigotry and suggested such a thing.

  • That Gaddafi is a Jew, surprises no one – and not just Arabs. He will be welcomed in Israel just as his co-religionist Mubarak is. Now if we could only get rid of his bretheren in the Gulf…

    By the way, the premise of this delusional website seems to be to raise awareness of the countless suffering Jews expelled from Arab countries. Hmmm. Naim Giladi – an Iraqi Jew – claims your lovely Zionists in Israel created the conditions for their expulsions in the first place:

  • mmm if hes mother was jewish so he is too no matter if she convert to muslim
    she always will be jewish and so is he ,thats the law of thorra.
    and as jew he has a rigth of aliah sounds fun such a guy can take that law but it is like that .
    just laugthing here thinking about an aliah of gaddafi but yes he have the rigth to do soo

  • well we'll know just how jewish he really is if he flees to israel!
    i think he just might, there's nowhere else he can go!
    i'm sure he'll be well accepted in Irsael.

  • Smart move .. Hit Qadhafi where it hurts, by fuelling old rumours that he is a jew. Qadhafi's notoriety for settling any annoyances that come his way with cash is getting some people's attention.

  • The conspiracy of creating Israel was very well orchestrated.. and carried out. Starting from Rotchilds purchase of Suess Chanal shares and selling them to the British.. ending with all the Agitaions and provocations by Colonial British authorities to initiate of progoms of the arab jewish.
    As for Gaddafi, it dose not matter much where is his roots are. What mater is his deeds for the last 40 years. And this tels the whole story.

  • A full translation of the interview would not add a great deal to what the post already says.The two women mention an incident where Gaddafi got 'beaten up when he tried to get one of his Jewish cousins to eat camel meat. The younger woman says she has only just found out about Gaddafi's Jewish links, while the older woman says that she had always heard family rumours about them, but that other, more important things were on the family's mind, like the children's schooling.

  • If translate the interview to arabic this blog will number one in internet , because 100,000 will watch it from arabic world,do it quickly befor some body else will do it.

  • Gaddafi has hardly been good to the Jews – he hounded them out and stole his property. Now Libya is 'judenrein.' To say that Gaddafi is a scumbag is one thing, but to blame such negative characteristics on his Jewish grandmother is offensive and the height of bigotry. You are welcome to keep him.

  • As the good commedian Henmen said"take my wife, take her please " As a libyan living in exile since this bastard came to power on the top of a Tank in the darkest night of Sep 1969, I say take him please he is one of you, take him and his corrupt family, so the poor Libyans can breath freedom. The Libyans have been suffering for the last 40 years, under the tyranny of this criminal tyrant and a world reknown terrorist. He stole the power, the oil revenues, and spent most of it on his meglomaniac dreams of being the Eperor of Africa, king of kings, and the leader of the world. The libyans will thank u , if u just take him since he is one of u. His hatred of the Libyans ,and the way he rules them is similar to the treatment of the Palestinians by state of Israel. He imprisons, kills the Libyans without any reason. In Abu Salim prison he murdered 1200 political prisoners in 1996. He confscated all the properties, and wealth ,and kept the poor Libyans in dire poverty and misery.All Libyans believe that he is not a true Libyan, but a scum bag son of bitch neonazizioinst bastard

  • Gaddafi is a Raelian Jew, a descendant of Eloha Phut. Peace be on Earth to all Humankind of Good Will. Shalom


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