What next? Jewish rights to Mecca and Medina?

A Doha-based Islamic scholar yesterday slammed a resolution recently passed by the US House of Representatives, which recognised those Jews who had fled the Arab countries after the creation of Israel as refugees, Gulf News reports. (With thanks: Edwin)

“It is a “ploy to give Israel a share in every Arab country” and force the Arabs to drop Palestinians’ “right to return” from their negotiations with the Israelis, Sheikh Hilal Mabrouq told the congregation during his sermon at the Najma mosque yesterday.

“It is very clear that the resolution is one step forward to strengthen Israel’s existence in the region,” he said.

“Each Arab country had a Jewish community which lived in peace with the Arabs before the establishment of Israel. I think it is only meant for finding a share for Israel in each Arab country,” he said.

“The US Congress seeks to undermine the right to return for Palestinians who were terrorised and forced to flee their country by Israel.”

Mabrouq also did not rule out that the US House of Representatives would approve similar resolutions on the Jews who had left the Arab peninsula 1,400 years ago when Islam first appeared in the region.

“I will not be surprised if the US Congress came up with another resolution tomorrow, claiming the right of the Jews who had left the Arab peninsula after the appearance of Islam to return to both Makkah and Al Madina and establish a Jewish community there,” he said.

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  • So, when will Jewish tourists have a right to visit Khaybar, the “Masada of Arabia?”

  • Mabrouq doesn’t seem to know his Qu’ran very well. The Jews of the Hejaz didn’t “leave” so much as they were massacred for their alleged treachery against Mohammed and those who survived were forbidden to return to Islam’s holy soil.


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