How Iran’s Jews are really treated…

Karmel Melamed produces five talking points to help sceptics find out the truth about how the Jewish minority is treated in Iran:

“I was recently approached by a non-Jewish American friend who point blank asked me why Iranians and Iranian Jews living in the U.S. were so opposed to the regime in Iran. “Jews are not mistreated in Iran, besides why are you guys making such a big deal about the Iranian government getting nuclear technology?” he asked.

“It took about two hours for me to explain the true nature of Iran’s regime to him in order for him to realize the very serious threat that that government poses to the world. He was obviously brainwashed by some left-leaning media outlets that have little knowledge of the mentality and true ideology of Iran’s radical Islamic clerics. The journalists or editors of such online or offline outlets have obviously never spent a single day living in Iran as religious minorities or understand the Persian language to grasp the sad reality of the reign of Iran’s clerics on that country.

“After my two-hour lecture, I suggested my friend chat with middle-aged or older Iranian Jews or other Iranian religious minorities about their experiences of living under the rule of the Ayatollahs. I also gave him the following five talking points to discuss with Iranian American Jews so as to better under the extent of the Iranian regime’s evil:

1) The countless hardships religious minorities such as Jews encountered when they cannot obtain certain educational or work advancements in Iran under this regime.

2) The difficulty religious minorities in Iran face in getting real justice, fair judgments on lawsuits and fair hearings in Iran’s courts which treat Jews and other religious minorities as second class citizens with limited rights.

3) The sad fact that women and children regardless of their religion are considered the “chattels” of their fathers or husbands, with very little if no rights of their own under Iran’s radical Islamic laws.

4) The Constitution of Iran’s Islamic government which calls for global jihad with the objective of forcing everyone on the face of the earth to convert to the fundamentalist Shi’ite Islamic form of religion practised in Iran.

5) The billions of dollars in assets and property Iranian Jews and other opponents to Iran’s current regime were forced to forfeit in order to escape Iran in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

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