Jews still in Lebanon do not feel safe

There could be over a hundred Jews still living in Lebanon, but they live in fear and do not feel safe, a young woman has written in a message to Point of no Return*:

“I was so glad when I found the blog on Lebanese Jews,” she wrote.” But of course being a Jew and a Lebanese young woman, living in Lebanon, I had to double-check before writing anything on that blog. YES, information is circulated that is a fraud. I agree that being a Jew cannot be dissociated with Israel.

“I think we are more than a hundred and that there are a few young Jews, of Jewish mothers still living in Lebanon. Unfortunately we live in fear and yes, we hide the fact of being Jewish. The religion of a person is specified on the identity cards in Lebanon, and we are registered as Christians (mostly).

” At the beginning of the war, we were targeted, I know that for a fact, because an aunt of mine was kidnapped and threatened with death. Her husband paid them. She left the country at her release.

” A few of us keep the traditions. Well it is difficult without a rabbi, etc. but in a few homes, candles are lit on Shabbat. I really advise any Lebanese Jew, let alone any Jew, NOT to visit Lebanon. We are not safe.”

When asked why she did not leave, the young woman, who had travelled outside Lebanon, wrote that she had married a Christian, as had her mother and grandmother. Nevertheless, she tried to keep Jewish traditions, and even baked challah for Friday night.

*scroll down to comment of 8 January 2008


  • Hi,

    thank you for your prompt reply. I would prefer speaking to Lebanese Jews still living here to understand how they have been coping since the civil war. But if this is too difficult, then I wouldn’t mind speaking to Lebanese Jews living abroad.



  • Hello Raed
    Do you want to speak to Lebanese Jews no longer living in Lebanon,or those still there? The former would certainly be easier. Please email me.

  • Hello,
    I am a Lebanese journalist working for various media including the Los Angeles Times. Would any Lebanese jew be willing to talk to me for an article I would like to write about the history of Lebanon’s Jews.


    Raed Rafei


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