Yemen airlift pilot to receive honour

(JTA) An airline pilot who helped rescue 40,000 Yemenite Jews will be honored.

Warren Metzger, 87, an Alaska Airlines pilot from Washington, will be honored Nov. 1 by the Yemenite Jewish Federation of America.

Metzger was one of the pilots in Operation Magic Carpet, the secret mission that transported virtually all of Yemenite Jewry to the newly established State of Israel in 1949. Metzger’s wife, Marion, a flight attendant for the airline, also will be honored.

Read Warren Metzger’s story here


  • Hello to Stuart Cole. I was wondering if you could get in touch with me I am curating an exhibit on Operation Magic Carpet and the Alaska Airlines pilots who participated in it. I can be reached at [email protected].
    Thanks,Leslie Fried

  • MY FATHER CLARKE C. COLE flew that airlift with Kris Kirstiens. He said the passengers started a fire in the rear of the plane where they had taken out the seats.u Upon return to headquarters they had to burn the money because of the stench.

  • There are many others even more worthy of honour. Among them, the men and women of the Joint Distribution Committee and Youth Aliya who were on the ground in Aden and the Yemen hinterland.

    It was they who organized and brought about the evacuation Yemen’s Jews over many months. They faced danger and hardship with fortitude and dedication, and deserve recognition for their idealism and service.


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