Don’t fall for Iran’s propaganda about the Jews

Karmel Melamed, a journalist specialising in Iranian-Jewish affairs, slams the western media for falling for the Iranian regime’s Nazi-like propaganda, which maintains that all is well with Iran’s Jews:

“As a journalist who exclusively covers Iranian Jewry and has close ties to the community, I am personally baffled at how member of the media in the U.S. and Europe can make any assertions that life is great for Jews in Iran. On a regular basis, I am reminded by countless Iranian American Jewish leaders to watch what I might be writing about the Iranian government for fear that what I may report on may have negative repercussions on the Jews of Iran. So my question is why on earth are Iranian American Jews so concerned about my words and the safety of their brethren in Iran if everything is supposedly so fine and dandy for Jews in Iran?

“And for you curious folks who do not believe that Iran’s regime has used the country’s Jews for propaganda purposes, the following is an abbreviated list of their recent P.R. stunts:

*Producing and broadcasting “Zero Degree Turn” a television series on the Iranian state-run network which accepts the existence of the Holocaust and shows an Iranian-Palestinian man saving a Jewish woman’s life in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. Despite the show’s efforts to show that Iran is supposedly tolerant of the Holocaust, it is full of inaccuracies and attacks “Zionists”.

*Announcing that the Iranian government supposedly “loves the Jews” by publicizing the Iranian regime’s plans earlier to build a new 73,000 square foot cultural and sports complex for the Jewish community in central Tehran.

*Putting out press releases and sending their lackeys in the Western media to say that Ahmadinejad’s comments about Israel being wiped off the map were “incorrectly translated”. What a bunch of horse manure! We all know very well what Ahmadinejad said and what he meant, there’s no way to backtrack on it.

*Sending out press releases that Iran’s Jews condemn Ahmadinejad’s mistreatment at Columbia University last week. Here’s an example of one such press release:

*Sending out press releases that Iran’s Jews will be participate in “Quds Day” an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan to voice support for the Palestinian people. Here’s an example of one such press release.

It seems as if the Iranian mullahs have learned well from Goebbels techniques and the Nazi propaganda machine he created– when they’re in trouble, they can just march out the Jews to effectively pull the wool over the world’s eyes!

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