TV debate on Berber-Israel friendship association

Fascinating debate on Al-Allam, an Iranian Arabic TV channel, in which a spokesman for the Moroccan Berber (Amazigh) Association, Ahmed Adghirni, puts up a dignified and reasoned defence of the Amazigh-Israel Friendship Association, to which this blog referred over a year ago. (With thanks: Lily)

Pitted against Adghirni is Yahya abu al-Zakharia, an Arab-Algerian writer. To him, the Jews of Morocco are not native to the Maghreb. They were the ‘eyes of French colonialism’, who betrayed the mujahaddin. They have shown ingratitude and lack of conscience and repaid Arab protection and kindness by joining Israel’s security apparatus!

The tension between the two is palpable. Adghirni states that the Association represents the humanist value of longstanding friendship, which ‘Arabs had sought to replace with enmity and war’. He even accuses his interlocutor of antisemitism.

Watch the whole thing!

Transcript here

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