Israel offers financial incentives to Iranian Jews

This report in Indian Muslims fails to set out the context in which the Israeli government is offering financial incentives to Iranian Jews immigrating to Israel. It says nothing about the repression of the community by the Islamic regime. It is safe to assume that of those 20,000 still in Iran many belong to the poorer sections of the Jewish community. They will be people who may like to leave but cannot afford to (the rich have fled long ago). It is also noteworthy that of the thousands of Jews who have ‘immigrated’ to Israel since 1948, the article chooses to mention Jews from Russia, the US and Europe, but leaves out the 41% from Arab and Muslim countries. (With thanks: Albert)

(Gaza) Israeli authorities have been exerting efforts to encourage Iranian Jews to immigrate to Israel, an Israeli newspaper said in a report published on Sunday.

Ma’ariv said the Tel Aviv authorities were trying to encourage 20,000 Jews in Iran to settle in Israel with financial incentives.

The Israeli Government offers $5,000 US to any Iranian Jew who may choose to live in Israel.

Donors also pay $10,000 to an Iranian Jewish family that comes to Israel for permanent living.

Thousands of Jews from around the globe, including Russia, the United States and some European countries, have immigrated to Israel since its proclamation in 1948.

The Iranian regime’s response(with thanks: Albert)


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