Iranian Jew builds bridges with Azerbaijan

The energetic Los Angeles Billionaire businessman Ishak Nazarian has ties with both the Iranian Jewish community and the Azerbaijanis in California and is busy building good relations between them.

“…One of the interesting paradoxes of modern Iranian foreign policy (is that) Azerbaijan and Israel are natural strategic partners.

“Iranian Jews call Los Angeles Teheranistan. Iranian Jews living here have their own radio, television, newspapers published in Persian. But unfortunately, Turkish and Azerbaijani communities have no such opportunities. We can assist the Turkish and Azerbaijani communities to set up their own radio and television.

The other problem is connected with Iranian-Azerbaijanis. Though they are speaking Azerbaijani do not call themselves Azerbaijanis, but Iranians. Moreover, we can help the Azerbaijani community in Los Angeles to establish close relations with the Iranian Jewish community. We are from the same country and we respect the same country.”

Read article in full(with thanks: Albert)

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