New Canadian website on Jews of Egypt

Led by the dynamic Irene Buenavida, a group of Jews from Egypt now living in Montreal, Canada, have set up their own website.

Apart from listing the many activities – social events, films, lectures, etc – arranged by the AJOE-Canada, the site has been posting articles about life in Egypt where there were once 80,000 Jews. Fewer than 100, mostly elderly, Jews are left.

Beny Melameth gives a moving account of his internment in an Egyptian prison camp when the Six-Day War broke out in 1967. Hundreds of Jews holding Egyptian nationality were jailed as ‘Israeli PoWs’ and held in cramped and rudimentary conditions, beaten and sometimes tortured. Melameth spent 1108 days in prison and on the day he was released had to wear handcuffs until he boarded the airplane to freedom.

The website is only in French at the moment but there are plans to do an English version.

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