Nazi Jew-hatred lives on in the Arab world

State-sanctioned hatred of the Jews was never native to the Arab and Muslim world but imported from Nazi Germany, argues Turkish-born Shelomo Alfassa in Israelinsider. Such hatred caused the exodus of 900,000 Jews, and lives on today. (With thanks: Albert)

“As a Turkophile who understands the history of the inter-relationships between both Jews and Muslims throughout the Ottoman Empire, I am saddened whenever I read an article that mentions or makes indirect reference to that false fact that Jews and Arabs never got along. What is known is that Jews and Muslims, in Arab, Persian and other Muslim countries certainly did get along. The fact that there was never officially sanctioned state-sponsored anti-Jewish attacks in the Ottoman Empire seems to has gotten buried among the piles of propaganda that are continually spewed out in the modern world media.

“If one reads books by Sephardic Jewish authors, they will tell you of the many experiences – positive experiences — Jews enjoyed with their Arab neighbors and friends over the centuries. Was it perfect? — never. But there was never state-sponsored hatred of the Jews like there was in Christian countries.

“The virulent hatred that resonates today throughout the modern world – that ever agonizing disgust of the Jewish people — is not an old-time Arab feeling toward the Jews. This hatred is a result of the living Nazi influence that never died. Although the Allies killed Nazi troops, destroyed their buildings, burned Nazi books, and even the fact that German Fuehrer killed himself, the Nazi spirit lived on. This spirit of Jew hatred was brought into the Arab world by Amin Al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. ”

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