Readers condemn article applauding Neturei Karta

The spectacle of President Ahmadinejad embracing the renegade Jews of Neturei Karta at his Holocaust denial conference in December was met with almost unanimous revulsion by Jews everywhere. But in its issue of 21 December, Jewish News published an articleby Howard Palmer not only applauding Neturei Karta, but suggesting that they were doing the Jews of Iran (whom he sloppily calls ‘Arab Jews’) a real favour. (With thanks: Albert)

Palmer’s piece has provoked a slew of letters hereand here, all of them critical. Here’s one:

With reference to Howard Palmer’s suggestion that we should applaud Neturei Karta – either he is trying to be humorous – in which case it is in very bad taste, or he is being serious in which case he is 100 percent mistaken.

In view of the public outcry from all sections of the orthodox community against the Neturei Karta, it is perfectly clear that these NK misfits represent no one except themselves. If so, what basis is there for Palmer to say that ‘the NK represent an increasing undercurrent in orthodox circles’.

There are those who are of the opinion that the State of Israel is not worth ‘the price’ of the Holocaust – but they would never condone publicly sharing this view with the enemies of the Jewish people; and certainly not to the extent of actually going to Iran and kissing Ahmadinejad!
There is no justification in the world that can support such a disgusting spectacle, and Palmer’s attempts to do so are distasteful in the extreme.”

B Katz

To this barrage of condemnation Howard Palmer was then given a chance to respond in Jewish News. He repeats the myth that the Holocaust was a European affair, when in fact 1 per cent of Jews in the Arab world – up to 5,000 – died, and the rest were saved only when the Allies liberated North Africa.

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