Jewish MP supports Iranian nuclear programme

Israel Today has more details about the controversy generated by the recent visit of Iran’s official Jewish MP to the Los Angeles Iranian-Jewish community (with thanks: Albert):

Maurice Motamed, a member of the Iranian parliament representing the Jewish community and a supporter of the Iranian nuclear program has recently visited the large Iranian Jewish population in Los Angeles and held meetings with the local Iranian community.

Motamed’s visit drew a heated debate within the Jewish community whether to meet a person who represents a regime which denies the Holocaust. The members of the Iranian-American Jewish Federation chose to host Motamed at their synagogue.

Motamed said during the visit that the economic situation of the Jews in Iran is good and that Jews can openly practice their faith without fear of reprisals. The evidence he gave to that was the construction of a new Jewish community center in Teheran. On the other hand, another Iranian-Jewish organization (the Council of Iranian Jews) opposed the meetings with him, and said that it is inconceivable that Jews will sit with a man who represents a regime which calls for the destruction of Israel.

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  • On Saudi Arabia, even though the policy could be interpreted as discriminatory, you obviously are not aware of Saudi laws.

    First of all, Saudi Arabia never had tourist visas until little over a year ago. That is, except for Gulf states residents that can go in/out without a visa, everyone else including other Arabs are subject to visa requirements .

    Saudi Arabia only granted vistor visa for the following:

    1- Hajj and other religious duties for Muslims only: even this type of visa was restrictive. It was only valid in Jeddah (airport), Mekkah and Medinah. Holders of such visas were not allowed to go anywhere else in Saudi Arabia

    2- Vistor visa: You need an invitation from a Saudi nationalist to be granted such visa.

    So in practice Saudi laws in terms of entry visas are relatively restrictive for everyone else outside the Gulf. Saudi Arabia like many other Arab states will of course not admit anyone with an Israeli stamp on their passport.

    The Saudi enforced these restrictions against Israeli and Zionists since the Lavon affair in Egypt (and others in Syria).

    Like I said before, it is Israel that engages in unethical practices. A decade ago, 2 Israeli agents were caught in Jordan with Canadian passports trying to assassinate some Palestinian militant. These reckless methods can cause the Jordanian government to be suspicious of every Canadian citizen in the country. And of course recently, they were caught trying to steal New-Zealandian passports.

    You can’t put the blame on states for trying to protect themselves from Israeli spies that know no limits.

    It is too bad that the Saudi let that war criminal Kissinger in.

  • OK, I looked at the links, thanks.

    There is nothing in the first link that proves that Iranian-Jews are asked to show their loyalty to the state. Condemning Israeli actions in the context of the on-going events (such as the Lebanese attack) sounds reasonable to me. Of course some people do get suspicious (for many reasons including anti-semitism) but you need to remember that Israel fuels such feeling if not that it created it. When Israel stops recruiting spies among the dispora and leave these people alone, then no one would ever get paranoid. They even recruited Jews in America which is supposed to be their ally (Pollard and recently AIPAC officials). Correct me if I am wrong but I know of no other minority group in America in which their people go serve in a foreign country army except American-Zionists. The reason for this has nothing to do with Judaism or with the Jewish people as a group. It has to do with Zionism, the ideology that indoctrinates people with enough propaganda until they volunteer on their own to enlist in an foreign army known for violating human rights on a large scale.

    On the second link, OK. What the Iranian official said is unacceptable and over the line. This said, one should not exaggerate the issue. Arabs and Iranians feel threatened and intimidated by Israel’s nuclear arsenal so it is logical for them to try to acquire them. Iran is obviously trying to build a nuclear bomb (do you expect them to admit to it like Israel did?) to protect its oil assets. The sleeping Arabs should do the same before it is too late. Sooner or later, the Middle East will all be armed with nuclear weapons.

    Israel can be defeated in a conventional war just like Iraq was defeated by America. Arabs or Iranians have no desire in mass-killing Israeli (and neither do Israeli against Arabs, I am aware of that) as many of you chant. Notice that for centuries Jews lived in Jerusalem unharmed under Muslim rule (you could say there was discrimination but had Jews ruled the same area for that long they would have done the same. Those were the standards at the time). You have to understand that Arabs view Israel as a colony and it is not in their imagination: majority of all Israeli PMs since 1948 were foreign born, mostly in Russia/soviets.

    Israeli and their supporters believe that Arabs would just forget but they are greatly mistaken. The only way to make people forget of such injustices is to kill enough of them so they become a minority like it happened in North America and the native Indians. Even Jewish mythology tells us that the Israelites pretty much killed all the native Canaanite before taking over the lands that supposedly God promised to them. Israel can’t kill most Arabs obviously so sooner or later Arabs will re-claim what it was taken from them by force.

    On the refugees issue, even if what you claim is true (which is not), both refugees have nothing to do with each other. Should the Palestinian refugee be resettled in Morocco in place of the Moroccan-Jewish refugee who wanted to go to the promised land in the first place? This is non-sense! You people are crazy.

    As to “scapegoating Jewish citizens” by Arab governments in 1948, well at the time most Arab countries were still colonized. Morocco was colonized until 1957, Algeria until 1961, Tunisia 1957, Libya 1951, Yemen (south 1967), etc. So which Arab governments are you talking about? In 1948 You only had Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. that’s about it.

    During WWII, America rounded up all its Japanese-Americans in camps, not to mention mass arrests of German-Americans etc without a single case in which a Japanese-American was caught spying or working for the Japanese. The Arab governments had no camps for its Jews and as I wrote before READ ABOUT THE LAVON AFFAIR IN EGYPT.

    Finally, Jews who lost property in any Arab country have not been banned from claiming it as it is the case with Israel and Palestinian refugees. As far as I know, hundreds of thousands of Moroccan-Jews visit Morocco every year.

    The only reason you bring the Sephardi is not because you care about them (you are probably an Ashkenzi), it is because you want to use some of their suffering to delegitimize Palestinian suffering and rights. This is really dishonest of you but it is for the Zionist cause!

    Often when I spoke to Zionists about this issue of Sephardi, they fail to bring up a single Sephardi to speak for themselves. It is the typical feeling of superiority of Askhenazim over the backward Sephardim. Not only they had to show them the “civilized way of life” by de-facto banning their languages/traditions/names/etc, they also defend their “rights” against Arabs. Oh I feel sorry for these people who fell prey of Ashkenazi Zionism. In one generation, all of their heritage will be completely erased to make place for the Ashkenazi heritage. So sad.

  • As for Saudi Arabia granting tourist visas to Jews,this is nonsense. Even Henry Kissinger, the US sec of state, had to be given special dispensation to be allowed in because he was a Jew. I call that racism, don’t you?

  • Maghrebi,
    You just have to look at the official website to read condemnation after condemnation by the Jews of Iran of Israel. They do it because they have been bullied into proving they are not a fifth column. Do Arab Israelis have to prove their loyalty to Israel? Quite the contrary. Arab MKs bend over backwards to show their support for Syria, Hamas, etc. This is the difference between living in a democracy and a tyranny.

    Was it not Rafsanjani in December 2001 who called on Muslim states to nuke Israel, for even if Muslims were also killed, the Muslim world could absorb the damage? I think it is evidence enough. Ahmadinejad has called several times for Israel to be wiped off the map, do you think he means to do it with bouquets of roses, he is developing a nuke for warlike purposes (or why else would he want to enrich uranium?) I think his intentions are pretty clear. As for the ‘poor Palestinians’, of course their plight is tragic but it is a result of five Arab states’ decision to go to war against Israel in 1948, pure and simple. The Jews from Arab countries were peaceful citizens deliberately scapegoated by their Arab governments and stripped of their rights, property and in many cases expelled. There were many more Jewish refugees and they lost far more than the Palestinians.

    Here’s the Rafsanjani link:

  • Bataween: Thank you for your reply.

    Can you post examples of how Iranian-Jews are forced to prove their loyalty to Iran? I never heard or read about such thing. Considering the current regime in Iran, the loyalty expected from the Jewish community seems to be similar to the one expected from the Muslim majority. Besides, considering that the Iranian government views Israel as its enemy (Israel also calls for the removal of the current regime), it is expected from some to become paranoid considering the fact that Israel does sometime use Jewish diaspora for its own interests (spying).

    I don’t think Iran ever stated that it wanted to nuke Israel. That is fantasy and scare tactics used by pro-Israeli occupation posters like yourself. Like most Arabs, Iranians want the end of the Zionist regime which is responsible for the suffering of millions of Palestinians.

    It is the Zionist regime that stole lands of others, evicted out hundreds of thousands of natives, destroyed their villages, banned them and then occupied by force whatever they were left with in violation of UN resolution, decency and basic human rights.

    Saudi Arabia is free to grant tourist visas to whoever it wishes (Israeli should not be allowed in). It however can not refuse entry to natives. Europe routinely refuses entry to thousands of African immigrants and sends them back to their homes to starve.

  • Dear Maghrebi
    Of course Iranian Jews are not Israeli, but they are constantly having to prove their loyalty to the regime. It would not take much for popular hostility to Israel and Zionism stoked up by the government to spill over into violence. That’s what has happened in every Arab country – and that’s why their Jewish citizens have all fled.

    Israel IS the Jews who live there. Ahmadinejad means to destroy the people of Israel – you can’t nuke the government without nuking the people, and that includes a million Arabs. The true ‘apartheid’ regimes are Arab states who do not allow Jews to live as secure and equal citizens. They do not even allow Jewish tourists into the country (S. Arabia).

  • Perhaps someone could explain to these fundamentalists that Iranian-Jews are not Israeli. The President of Iran has explained what he meant by “destroying Israel”: he meant the apartheid regime of Israel not its people. Although Iran’s president is wrong in attempting to deny the Holocaust, the denial itself is not a crime. Denying the Palestinians the right to live in their own native lands through an oppressive racist military occupation is however a major crime of which the Zionist enterprise is guilty.


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