Israel Radio contacts distressed Yemenite Jews

Israel National News quotes a ‘phone conversation with a Jewishwoman who claims that some of the Yemenite Jews receiving death threatsfrom radical Muslims have already been killed:

“In a ‘phone call engineered by Voice of Israel Radio on Monday, a Jewish woman living in Yemen said that the Moslems “have already killed the wise men.” No confirmation of this has been received from other quarters – though news from Yemen does not flow freely.

“The stated explanation for the Moslem anti-Semitism, according to a letter circulated by local Sheikh Yahya Sad Al Khudhair, is that the Jews are “associated with groups and activities that primarily serve global Zionism that works actively to corrupt the people and cause them to abandon their ethical values and religion and disseminate all types of abominations… Our religion has ordered us to fight the corrupt people and expel them.”

“In the Voice of Israel phone call, Masoud – a Yemenite Jew who moved to Israel six years ago and now lives in Be’er Sheva – spoke with a woman relative in Yemen. The conversation was held in Hebrew-spiced Arabic. “Kif halak?” Masoud asked in Arabic, meaning, “How are you?”, and the response came in Hebrew, “Baurich Hashem,” “Blessed be G-d.”

“The woman told Masoud, “On Friday [11 days ago], they received letters saying that whoever doesn’t leave will get killed or have his children taken away or I don’t know what… Now they saw these [threatening] letters and are scared; what can they do? They took everything they had, with the children, and left, and now they’re in a hotel.” Some 45 Jews are now reportedly in the Paris Tower Hotel in Saana.

“Asked why the remaining Jews do not come to Israel, Masoud said simply that they are currently not interested in that option.

“Earlier last week, according to the Yemen Observer, local authorities and tribal sheikhs held meetings to discuss the complaints from the Yemeni Jews – but they resulted only in oral reassurances for the Jews, who were told to ignore the threats and go back to their villages. “Yes, they received threats,” the area’s Deputy Governor said Monday about the Jews, “and they are now here in the hotel, but I can assure you that the problem will be solved today, and the Jews will return to their villages.”

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