The last two Jews of Afghanistan

A play by Michael Flexer has opened in London about the last two (mutually-loathing) Jews of Afghanistan, the New Statesman reports.(With thanks: Albert)

“I was researching for a play I still haven’t written about conspiracy theories,” writes Michael Flexer,” when I came across the story which forms the basis of My Brother’s Keeper. A Reuters journalist had discovered the last two Jews of Afghanistan in late November 2001, hiding out in a dilapidated synagogue in Kabul.

“They claimed to be all that remained in the country of a Jewish community dating back to the Babylonian exile, and had survived the terrors of the Russian invasion, the civil war and the Taliban regime. But, most interesting of all, they hated each other.”

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  • Rather reminiscent of the classic joke about a lone Jew being found on a deserted island where he had, over the years constructed two synagogues. When asked by his rescuers why two synagogues he answered, “This is the one I go to, this is the one you couldn’t pay me to set foot in.”


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