Revealed:Shi’i Muslim behind Jews of Lebanon blog

The man behind the Jews of Lebanon weblog is a US-born Sh’ia Muslim university student named Aaron-Micael Beydoun. Beydoun recently unmasked himself in an interview titled ‘Jewish brothers, come back to Lebanon’ for a webzine called ResetDoc.

‘Point of no return’ has exposed Beydoun’s blogas containing errors of fact. Beydoun admits that it has a political purpose:

“My attachment to the Lebanese Jewish community is derived foremost by my moral and humanitarian convictions and finally by my patriotic belief in the Lebanon the late Pope Jean Paul II believed in, that Lebanon “is not a country but a message”.

“I believe sincerely, that if we fail to live together in Lebanon religious coexistence will fail throughout the world and the idea we have of a clash of civilizations today will only be reinforced. I believe it’s the duty of the West to protect Lebanon and the message it can spread if they are truly concerned with the well-being of the world. Instead, Lebanon was left alone to bleed for decades. Its minorities emigrated and the Jewish sect in particular was destroyed. The Lebanese have a problem with tribalism, whereas normally people are loyal to their nation, in Lebanon people are more loyal to their sect.

“People are so amazed that a non-Jew, particularly a Shiite Muslim would be so compassionate and so attached to a Jewish community. But I believe we must end the ignorant tendency to blindly equate all Jews and the divine religion of Judaism to Israel (my emphasis – ed). The same way I tell non-Jews they are hypocrites for doing so, then people shouldn’t be offended if people generalize and say that all Muslims are like Bin Laden or all Christians are like Hitler. This is a ridiculous trend we must help eradicate.”

Isn’t bracketing Israel with Bin Laden and Hitler going a little too far? Perhaps Beydoun ought to get out and meet some real Jews.


  • I welcome the fact that the Shi’i Muslim behind the ‘Jews of Lebanon’ blog has now identified himself. The fact is that he only did so recently, and people were misled into believing that his blog genuinely represented ‘the Jews of Lebanon’. Of course Jews can and do comment on his blog, which can only be a good thing, as many of his assumptions do need challenging. The blog has a political purpose, as I have already said.

    If you do not like my blog it’s very simple – do not read it.

  • Keep discrediting people, it’s funny how you claim you “revealed” or you “exposed” him when it’s written for everyone to see on that site who is behind the blog. When someone is public about certain facts I don’t understand how you “reveal” them. If you spent as much time not spreading your garbage over the internet and actually reading through the lines we would actually have a blog with some real substance.

    The fraud is the author of this post, go to that blog and see for yourself that it’s pretty damn obvious these people are connected and accepted, if they were not then many of the blog authors and contributors wouldn’t be LEBANESE JEWS.

    And I think being that the lead author of that blog is Muslim signals a great precedence for religious coexistence and peace, instead, you propagate lies and spread rumors, attempt to discredit them.

    You’re the fraud.


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