Iranian Jews condemn Qana deaths

The Jews in Iran have been compelled once more publically to condemn Israel’s actions. The reference to the ‘Prophet Moses (peace be on him)’ is a Muslim turn of phrase, suggesting that the statement was written on behalf of the Jews, and political demands are being made in their name. (With thanks: Albert)

TEHRAN, Aug. 1 (MNA) — The Jewish Association of Tehran (JAT) issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the Zionist forces’ massacre of innocent women and children in Qana. Rabbi Yusef Hamedani Kohan, MP Morris Motamed, who represents Iranians Jews in the Majlis, and chairman of the JAT directorate Harun Yashayaii announced in the statement that by slaughtering women and children in Qana and killing civilians in Lebanon and Palestine, the Zionist military forces have actually violated human rights as well as the natural law promoting peaceful coexistence among different nations and ethnic groups.

“The Israeli army’s reckless attacks on Qana as well as other regions in Palestine do not comply with the religious doctrines of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). Free, God-fearing, and devout Jews all over the world denounce these crimes and call for an immediate halt to aggression against civilians, women, and children.

“We want a ceasefire to be declared between the two warring parties and peaceful living conditions to be provided for the war-stricken people. We call on all international organizations, including the United Nations and the UN Human Rights Council, as well as all other noble people, and particularly the Jewish world, to condemn the atrocities of the Zionist regime, take measures to terminate this aggression, and help those injured in the war,” the statement continued.

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  • Very good point about ‘Peace be upon him,” We usually say Moshe Rabeinu or Moshe ben Amram.

  • And what Jews refer to Israel as “the Zionist regime”?

    There are over 30,000 Persian Jews in Los Angeles. There are more Persian Jews out of Iran than there are IN Iran. Why? I don’t think it was the Zionist regime they were worried about, but another, more sinister regime


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