Further reading on the Farhud

The Farhud pogrom of June 1941 is the singlemost important event responsible for bringing about the end of the Jewish community of Iraq. Here is a list for further reading:

Dr Heskel Haddad’s and Phyllis Rosenteur’s 2001 article for Midstream magazine (subscription required). Dr Haddad is the author of Born in Baghdad (stocked by Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

The Sephardi Holocaust recognition projecthas a useful page about the Farhud compiled with the assistance of Banking on Baghdad author Edwin Black. Black devotes an entire chapter of this book to the Farhud.

In 1992 Dr Zvi Yehuda of the Babylonian Heritage Center at Or Yehuda and Professor Shmuel Moreh published Hatred of the Jews and the Farhud in Iraq.

Articles commmemorating the 50th anniversary of the Farhud appeared in the Babylonian Heritage Center’s magazine Nehardeano.5 (June 1991).

In his weblog Emet Mi’Tsiyon Eliahu Mi’Tsyon has six posts about the Farhud, the role of the British army and a French historian’s account.

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