Armenians massacred Azeri mountain Jews

An extraordinary but little-known episode in 1919 in which Armenians (Christians) massacred 3,000 ‘mountain’ Jews in Azerbaijan for failing to fight Muslims. (via Tom Gross)

Day. Az presents exclusive interview with Rovshan Mustafayev, the Director of the Human Rights Institute of the National Academy of Science.

– Mr Mustafayev, the facts of Jews’ genocide committed by Armenians in Guba region were annonced today within a framework of round table orginized by you. Tell our readers what was the point of origin for such researches?

– Recently the representatives of Mountain Jews community appealed to our Institute and told us about tragic events which took place during 1918-1919 in Guba city. According to them during those years there were mass killings of Mountain Jews committed by Armenian bandits.

Semen Ikhiilov, Head of Mountain Jews’ community, writes to the Human Rights Institute of the National Academy of Scince: “In 1980s I discovered uknown facts regarding to mass killings of Jews during the period of Azerbaijanis’ genocide in 1918-1919. According to the witnesses and some documents, together with Azerbaijanis more than 3000 Jews were killed. For the moment we identified 87 names. Each year on March 31st, on the day of Azerbaijanis’ genocide of 1918-1919, special requiem prayers for 87 killed Jewish children, women and men are being read in the synagogues. We continue the researches of other places of mass burial in the regions of our Motherland, Azerbaijan. This letter is accompanied with the list of victims, who were killed by monsters on 19th Iyar, 5679, in Guba city,” the letter says.

Moreover, you can find in archives facts that during those times the Jewish problem was presented as the Tat problem, without a national identity. That’s why it was a problem of genocide committed by Armenians against the Tat ethnic group of Azerbaijan.

(…) Jews just rejected proposal to join the Dashnak’s brigade against the Muslim population and tried to prevent a bloodshed. But Jewish envoy was brutally killed by the Amazasp’s brigade and the mass killings were started.

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  • What a BS propaganda article, Turks and Azeris are some of the biggest liars on the planet, always changing history and reversing the blame.. over 3 million Christians Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks were butchered in these lands by the Muslims, period!

    • Avram Cohen: I dont know what your problem is but the article only deals with the 1919 Pogrom BY Armenians, nothing else. The Pogrom is a well known fact. Moreover, the Azeri are today allies of Israel. Jews in Azeribijan only ever suffered in great numbers at the hands of Armenians.

  • The vistims are Jews, Armenians,Lezgins killed by Turks and Azeris dreaming o Turan and non Msulims were on their way.

    Now Azerbaijan presents all in the opposite way.


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