Magdi Allam awarded Israeli prize

Congratulations to Magdi Allam, one of four journalists to be awarded this year’s Dan David prize by Tel Aviv university for ‘his ceaseless work in fostering understanding and tolerance between cultures’ (With thanks: Lily).

It is a fitting occasion to revisit Allam’s seminal piece Arabs without Jews: roots of a tragedy (scroll down). Allam wrote it just after seeing Pierre Rehov’s film about the Jews expelled from Arab countries, The Silent Exodus.

A Muslim born in Egypt and raised in Italy, Magdi Allam is one of the leading journalists in Italy today. He is Deputy Editor of Corriere della Sera, one of Italy’s leading newspapers, and an Arab and Islamic affairs commentator.

An author as well as a prolific journalist and editor, he has consistently spoken out against extremism and in favour of tolerance. He is one of the leaders in the fight for coexistence between civilizations, asserting, “A positive dialogue with moderate Islam is both possible and necessary”.


  • Ok, so Allam has converted to Catholicism. This is his right and the right to convert from Islam must be universally defended.

  • Magdi Allam is such a fool, who he to mis-quote Al-Islam. If you do not wich to follow the fastest growing faith, then that`s fine. …..your loss!! mate.He will be held accountable on Judgement day

  • As far as I know Magdi Allam was born a Muslim and has not converted to anything else. He stands for a kind of tolerance that is in short supply in the Middle East.I can see from your comments that it is desperately needed.

  • Just an asshole, who does not know his origin and deserve death. I dont think a person who will convert to another religion is a normal person because if he will easily forget his religion and his family roots and origin means he can do anything. Get Lost Magdi Allam


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