Jewish bridegroom kidnapped in Baghdad

In a postdated 30 September 2005, Point of no return told the story of the young Jews living in Iraq who fell in love and travelled to Amman to get married. (With thanks: Iraqijews).

“The bride, a dentist, and the bridegroom, a jeweller, held a small, intimate engagement party in what remains of the Jewish community of Baghdad – thought to be only nine or 10 people now – before going to Amman for a marriage ceremony performed last week by a European rabbi. The wedding arrangements were made by the bride’s two brothers, who now live in Holland. A third brother, and her mother, still live in Baghdad.”

The couple were determined to return to Baghdad.

Now a tragic twist has come to light. As this Arabic article in Al-Sharq al Awsat explains, a few days after the newly-weds returned from their honeymoon, the husband was kidnapped. The article does not say if and when the husband was released. The young wife, in tears, said that come what may, she would ‘never leave Iraq, her country.’

Update: in September 2007 his family fear the worst for the kidnapped bridgeroom. Efforts to raise money in London in return for information about him have proved fruitless.

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