Latest on the Dushanbe synagogue

The BBC has now caught up with the story of the ongoing destruction of the last synagogue in Tajikistan:

“Bulldozers have already destroyed part of the compound. The demolition of the synagogue building itself is expected to go ahead later in the year.

Dushanbe’s small Jewish community, mostly poor and elderly, have almost resigned themselves to losing their only place of worship.

But they say the distant plot of land the government has given them in exchange is inadequate compensation. They cannot afford to build a new synagogue, and they say the new land, on the edge of the city, is too far away.

The rabbi says the community still hopes the government, or international Jewish groups, will help them to acquire an appropriate building for a new synagogue. But people familiar with the Jewish community in Dushanbe say those opposed to the demolition had been threatened by officials and most of the congregation are afraid to speak out.” Read article in full
This Jewsweek articlegives useful backgroundon the recent history and persecution of the Tajik Jewish community

Wikipedia entry


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