Is this what life for Iranian Jews is really like?

A reader of Ynet news comments that the Persian Jews of today’s Iran are treated like the Blacks were in 1950s America:

“I dated a Persian girl for a while who still had family in Iran. She told me that the Iranian government spies on the Jewish community, that Jews are forced to go to Sharia courts for legal battles and often lose because they are Jews even when they are clearly in the right; Jews are not allowed to enter the government and many universities; they are frequently attacked on the street; they cannot travel abroad without leaving most of their possessions (in case they try to escape), they cannot travel to Israel (even via a third country) or they are arrested and never heard from again; the only way Persian Jews have survived that long is by maintaining that they are “anti-Zionists” and hate Israel. She says that many Iranian Jews call their relatives in Israel via a special Turkish ‘phone company which caters to them. ”


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