Antisemitism in Iran – just in time for Purim

The festival of Purim, which Jews the world over celebrate next Monday night, marks the deliverance of the Jews of Persia from persecution by a wicked man. Two thousand years later, it seems, not much has changed.

But when it comes to everyday Jewish life, the website Persian Rabbi(with thanks: Albert) chooses its words carefully: “there are very few restrictions imposed on Jews in present day Iran with regard to the practice of Judaism,” it claims. “Jews are relatively free to establish schools and organization as well disseminate publications.

“Although Iranian Jews are institutionally and publicly persecuted in pursuing some occupations, overall life is no more restricted than their fellow Muslim counterparts.

“With that said, anti-Semitic discourse can be seen bubbling in national broadcasts, where supposed professors, ministers, and Islamic leaders spread blatant lies and baseless claims against world Jewry and their Zionist agenda. “

MEMRI, Persian Rabbi continues, has singled out three particular government-approved broadcasts that show anti-Semitic discourse in Iranian Television:

*Tom and Jerry – a Jewish conspiracy to improve the image of mice because Jews were termed ‘dirty mice’ in Europe

*The Jews killed children and used their blood for Passover
*Zionists paid Denmark cartoonist to draw Muhammad cartoon

A Happy Purim to all.

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