Iran Jewish leader challenged to debate

An Iranian professor has challenged the leader of the Iran Jewish community to a debate. The professor says the Holocaust has been misused for ‘systematic genocide’ of Palestinians, reports Judeoscope in an article reprinted by Ynet News.

“Yet more Holocaust denial from the Islamic Republic of Iran, this time in a letter by a “professor” to the leader of Iran’s small Jewish community, who recently slammed Iran president Ahmadinejad’s repeated denials of the Holocaust.

“Iran’s official news agency IRNA reported that the director of the Tehran-based Department for Iranian Studies, Abbas Salimi Namin, said “the Holocaust is being used by the Zionists for a series of intertwined and targeted objectives.”

In a letter to head of Iranian Jewish community, Haroon Yashayee, a copy of which was faxed to IRNA, Salimi Namin said, “As you know, Holocaust has only concentrated on the genocide of the Jews and made no mention of the large nomadic communities (the Gypsies) and Christian Slavs who were slaughtered by the Nazi army.”

He pointed out, “Even the least support is not being given to victims from other communities slaughtered during World War II and large sums in compensation are being channeled from Europe and the US to the racist Zionists to continue their crimes against humanity.”

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