Beware the ‘dhimmified’ non-Arab

If you thought Dr Boutros Boutros-Ghali, ex-Secretary General of the UN, would, as a Christian Copt from Egypt, be more sympathetic to his fellow dhimmis, the Jews – you would be mistaken, argues Gerald Honigman.

“While dhimmitude primarily refers to the plight of conquered, native Christian and Jewish populations, the People of the Book, keep in mind that Arab racist attitudes also extended to those who – to jump on the winning bandwagon, escape taxation, and so forth – became Muslims. And those who were not ahl al-Kitab either usually converted or were massacred.

The Abbasid Revolution in the 8th century C. E. largely occurred because of the disgust of the converted Mawali populations with the blatant Arabism of the Umayyads. And in the age of nationalism centuries later, hundreds of thousands of Muslims–but non-Arabs–would continue to be slaughtered in the name of the Arab nation…Berbers, Black Africans, Kurds, and so forth. (…)

All of this made me think about some famous quotes I had come across during my own doctoral study days.

In Amos Elon’s Flight Into Egypt (New York, 1980), he reviewed his encounters with the late President Sadat’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali. The latter would later become Secretary General of the United Nations.

A Copt – i.e. a descendant of Egypt’s now subjugated, ancient, pre-Arab Christian people – it was largely believed that Boutros-Ghali was chosen for this post precisely because of his unquestioned, assured loyalty. Centuries of dhimmitude could be expected to have done its thing. And it did.

Listen carefully to some excerpts regarding this Copt’s advice to Elon, a prominent Israeli journalist:

In his office, there is a map of the Middle East on which Israel is still blacked out…Israel must integrate by accepting the nature of the area…that nature that is Arab…In a tape of a long discourse delivered in 1975 to Professor Brecher he proclaimed that…in the vast area between the Persian Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean everyone had to be Arab or risk continuing strife…Still, Boutros-Ghali felt that there might be a solution. How?…Well, Israel could become an Arab country. Most Israelis were (Jewish) immigrants from Arab countries anyway (pp.84-91).

While this might be a great answer to Iran’s Ahmadinejad, who likes to claim a European origin for all of Israel‘s Jews, please pardon my nausea anyway.

But now think about what’s going on all around the Middle East…the subjugation and at times outlawing of fellow Muslim – but non-Arab – Kurdish, Berber, and so forth languages and cultures ( i.e. Kurdish kids being forced to sing songs praising their “Arab” identities today in Syria and such), continuing slaughter of both Muslim and non-Muslim black Africans in the Sudan and elsewhere, etc. (…)

To learn more about this, other scholars, besides the Egyptian Jewess Bat Ye’or, have also made important contributions. One, in particular, Professor Albert Memmi, a Tunisian-born Jew at the Sorbonne, wrote a short but powerful work also exposing firsthand, like Bat Ye’or, dhimmitude… and what needs to be done about it. Memmi supported Tunisia’s struggle for independence from France, and the mere four lines on the opening page to his book, Jews And Arabs, say it all…

To my Jewish brothers
To my Arab brothers
so that we can all
be free men at last…

Compare this to Boutros-Ghali’s pathetic advice.

In fairness, in contrast to Copts who daily fear for their very lives in Egypt, a reading of what they have to say about these things when they flee abroad is telling as well. Ditto for Christian, pre-Arab Lebanese, Assyrians, Armenians, and others.

In 1852, Harriet Beecher Stowe authored a famous anti-slavery novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in which she wrote of the blacks’ expected servile behavior towards their white masters.

Indeed, this is the Arabs’ predominant idea of “tolerance”… a whole region of Uncle Boutroses.

So, the recent explosive episodes regarding the cartoons in Denmark should really have not been unexpected.

Arabs and too many of their non-Arab, but fellow Muslim wannabes typically believe that others may not indulge in what they routinely do to others, often many times worse.

The litmus test for the Muslim non-Arab too often becomes out-Arabing the Arab in hatred of the Jew, subjugation of the dhimmi, and/or defense of the faith…a faith which, after all, was shoved down their own throats, either directly or indirectly, centuries earlier by the imperial conquests of the Arabs.

Hopefully, the eyes of even the most naïve will at last open to the consequences of continuing to allow Arabs free reign with their hypocrisy and double standards.

And that thorn-in-the-side state of the scorned kilab yahud -“Jew dogs”, as Arabs like to call it –is on the front lines for all the rest of the Dar ul-Harb… the realm of war in Islam’s eyes.

While there are Muslims who disagree with the jihadists, the sad fact is that the militants are in the ascendancy, forcing all but a relatively few brave souls into silence or to cower behind them.

Wise up, World, before it’s too late.”

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