Hamas’s victory in the Palestinian elections

No sooner than Hamas won in the Palestinian elections, Hamas spokesmen and supporters such as Azzam Tamimi, got busy telling the western press hat Hamas will ‘make a deal’ with Israel to end ‘armed resistance’ if it withdraws to the 1967 borders.

Let no one be deceived as to what ‘deal’ Hamas has in mind – a temporary ceasefire, until such time as it is strong enough to ‘raise the banner of Islam over every inch of Palestine’. As the Hamas charter clearly implies, the idea that Jews should not only rule over a Muslim minority (Israeli Arabs) but enjoy full political rights in their own state (Israel) is, and will always be, anathema.

However democratically Hamas came to power, it will now move to implement sharia law in the territories it controls. Expect an exodus of the remaining Christians from the West Bank: Hamas considers that (women and) non-Muslims – Jews and Christians were historically subject to disabilities and the jizya tax – can only exist in a state of submission.

The time has come for the West to recognise that Israel was not just a solution to a European problem: Arab Muslim anti-Semitism has not only subjected the Jews to humiliating and unequal treatment, but has been responsible for the expulsion and dispossession from Arab countries of half of Israel’s Jewish population – and in far greater numbers than Palestinians from Israel.

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