Arab antisemitism should be exposed

A group in the USA is pressing the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC to expose Arab antisemitism. Holocaust Museum Watch is holding a symposium on the subject on 18 January. Speakers will include Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust and Banking on Baghdad, andMaurice Shohet, an Iraqi Jewish community leader. Iraq was the scene of the Nazi-inspired Farhoud in 1941, 65 years ago, which killed 169 Jews.(with thanks: iraqijews)

To quote its website,”Holocaust Museum Watch would like the Museum to take a leadership role in exposing Arab antisemitism and its threat to world Jewry. Its silence on current anti-Semitism in the Arab world is astonishing.

“A museum which was built to honor the memory of those who died as victims of antisemitism and to spread awareness of the tragedy caused by the political use of this hatred needs to take a leadership role in exposing Arab antisemitism. Arab antisemitism has not only poisoned the minds of millions of Arabs against Jews, as did Nazi propaganda, and has labeled the Holocaust a fake, it is widely credited with being the engine behind the re-emergence of European anti-Semitism in exactly the areas where Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

“The antisemitism of the Arab world is rampant and reminiscent of Hitler’s antisemitism. Unlike the antisemitism on the rise in Europe, which is overwhelmingly denounced by government officials, Arab antisemitism is fueled by Arab governments.

“As the pre-eminent American institution researching the horrors of the political use of antisemitism, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum should be in the forefront of the fight to disclose the re-emergence of this hatred as a political tool. The absence of programs about Arab antisemitism over the last decade is a failure of the museum and an obscene dereliction of its duty.

“Our mission is to encourage the museum to fashion important programs focused on Arab antisemitism – its exposition of Jew hatred in schools, media and mosques, using many images directly from Nazi propaganda.”


Shelomo Alfassa writes a piece arguing that the Nazi-Arab alliance of the 1930s and 40s has been expunged from the historical record, probably out of political correctness.

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