Misgivings about Iraqi tour

Following the article on the first projected package tour by Iraqi-Israelis to Iraq, this Jerusalem Post reader speaks for many in her letter published on 30 December:

Travel warning

Sir, – I feel grave concern at what seems to me to be a very possible outcome resulting from the presence of a group of Israeli Jews, regardless of origin, in Iraq at this time (“‘Roots’ trip planned for Israel’s Iraqi Jews,” December 28).

In light of the many recent kidnappings of foreigners there, and their subsequently being murdered, a group of Israeli tourists in Iraq would not only be placing itself in danger, but Israel as well. The group could well become a highly sought after prize by Iraqi insurgents. After all, it is common knowledge that Israel will pay almost any price for the safe return of its citizens held by hostile forces in other lands.

I do hope our government will prevent these would-be tourists from making such a journey until it is deemed safe to travel to Iraq. If that is never, then so be it.


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