Is Libya backtracking on the Jews?

Overtures to Israel by Seif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi, do not reflect official Libyan policy, according to Libya’s deputy foreign minister.
Seif al-Islam Gaddafihas been making most of the running on the issue of Libya offering compensation to its exiled Jews, but a Jerusalem Post article suggests that Seif is now being sidelined. Read full article here.

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  • check following web sites:

    check also the book by J.honigmann (Quest for Justice)

    There is enough written in the internet about the kabyles, but be careful! there also are misleading infos.

    Roughly, the Kabyles are just fed up with the arabo-islamic and totalitarian regime. Kabyles did a lot for Algeria, and they have been betrayed all along. Now, it is more than enough. The rest of Algeria does not sympathize with the Kabyles. On the contrary, they follow the bloody arabo-islamic regime. At last, we would like to have our own land where we could live undependant of religion and dictatorship.

    A Kabyle man.

    P.S: Israel and Kabylia can understand each other, since they are living the same injustice.
    And, yes, they could support each other. Especially that the world leaders are more concentrated on profit than human values and rights.


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